About Our Company

Today we have come to reinvent ourselves, as we’ve heard the feedback from you, all our customers from all over the world, to bring out a better product designed with the love that you inspired in us sharing your amazing feedback and thoughts. With our partners and suppliers we crafted this amazing product that will give you a great satisfaction. Is our product the best? No one’s product is the best. We work hard and explore passionately to bring you what we come to as the best solution for our skin. The size of our partners gives us the comfort to work on the qualities, without sacrificing anything. What does all that mean to you? Now it comes with the better product you will try when coming to us. In the long run means that we will constantly bring new products, with new active ingredients, that really work and have been tested by the generatons of people. What we do is to get this really working solutions to you at an unbeatable price that you cannot find in the market. We promise you that we will keep our prices a fraction of what you pay in the market for such products, because we believe that the quality skin care has to be for everyone. More to come soon . . .

Quality cosmetics giving you a natural touch every day.

The natural ingredients we use are locally produced in the heart of the World famous Rose Valley of Kazanlak, famous with the highest quality Rose oil, and other high quality essential oils. Our partners are well established and sound companies in the cosmetic industry, operating for more than 15 years, and serving a market of more than 300 million customers..

Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone deserves high quality care for the skin. That is why we carefully create our formulas, choose high quality ingredients, and not least - we look back in Traditional receipes tested by the time and feedback of many generations.

Our Vision

We strive to choose the best ingredients to produce soft and delicate cosmetics that give soft and nice feeling every time, keep the skin from external influence, and slow the aging processes.

Our Mission

  • Natural Ingredients
  • The best essential oils
  • The best feeling for our skin

"Naturally bringing the skin care to a new level."

Rose Essence Cosmetics