We Care for the communities. We are You and Us.

Being sustainable - What does it mean to us?

For us, being sustainable, is not just current trends with being socially responsibile, it is much more than that. We believe that giving back to fight poverty and help those in need will make the world a better place to live tomorrow. We want to leave a heritage for the generations after us.

For us, giving back is not only in the form of portion of our profits, it is also giving back to our consumers a better product, a product that constantly evolves, having in mind the consumer first.
Because only when we have you, the customer in mind when producing our products, we will make an outstanding product.

We will give back 10% of our profits every year to the communities in need.

- give back to fight poverty, and we do so because we believe that only by education and helping those in need the today's world will become a better place.

- work directly with the communities where our ingredients are produced because we care for them, and when we care they will care for us, and for the products they produce for us.

- work with charity and non for profit organizations (list coming soon).

- help those in need after natural disasters, sending part of our profit as direct financial help - because only after you go through a natural disaster, you know the meaning of having fresh funds to buy the basic necessities.

The Rose Valley of Kazanlak, where our roses are grown.

Community where roses are grown